Atlas Jet Plane crash suit has started in Isparta High Criminal Court on 28 July 2009.

Atlas Jet Plane crash suit  has started in Isparta High Criminal Court on 28 July 2009.

Atlasjet Flight 4203 was a scheduled flight from Istanbul's Atatürk International Airport to Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport in Isparta, Turkey. On Novemner 30, 2007 it crashed outside the town of Keçiborlu, 18 km (11 mi) from Isparta at around 01:36 EET  (23:36 UTC on November 29). The flight took off from Istanbul at 00:50 EET with 57 people on board, including a six-week old baby which had not been counted on departure from the airport. Atlasjet Airline's CEO Tuncay Doganer reported that no one had survived the crash. An Atlasjet plane had crashed on a rocky mountain shortly before it was due to land in southwest Turkey , killing all 57 people on board.

The plane was a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 which Atlasjet leased from World Focus Airlines, whose pilots were flying it when it crashed.

In the case 10 top-level executive and technical personnel working in World Focus Airlines are standing on trial as defendant. I t is claimed for Chief executive of World Focus Airlines Aydın Kızıltan, training manager Faruk Çağımnı, technical chairman İsmail Taşdelen, pilots and technical personnel Yavuz Yaşar, Sinan Sevinç, Fikri Zafer Dinçer, Şahin Tufan, Reşat Atalay, Fevzi Yavuz ve Necati Küçük from 3 years to 15 years penalty of imprisonment and forfeiting some of certain rights causing of negligence wrongful death of more than one person. 41 complainants of 86 has participated to court hearing.10 attorneys represented the claimants and 4 of 10 defendants which were working in World Focus Airlines on the date of crash are represented by 2 attorneys. Training manager Faruk Çağımnı was the only participated defendant  on the hearing. Hasan Kaşıkara, Mehmet Açıkel, Şehnaz Yüzer, Hasan Serdar Mermur, Yaşar Öztürk, Şule Doğan, Hatice Mutludoğan, Mustafa Cem Anadolu, Ergin Kulaçoğlu and  Tuncay Kuluç has participated to trial as attorneys of deceased passengers’ relatives. İsmail Taşdelen, Sinan Sevinç and Fevzi Yavuz employed in Worl Focus Airlines represented by attorney at law Ebru Erginbay. The training manager of World Focus Airlines Faruk Çağımnı is represented by attorney at law Murat Bilgin.