Atlasjet Crash in Isparta, Turkey

On Friday, 30 November 2007, a McDonnell Douglas –83 passenger plane operated by Atlasjet crashed into the mountains of southwestern Turkey, killing 57 people on board. The plane took off in Istanbul and was approaching the airport in Isparta when it disappeared on radar scope and lost communication with the control tower and crashed seven miles away from the airport. The plane carried seven crew members and 50 passengers. The pilot last communicated with the air traffic control tower at 01.36 a.m, reporting inbound and the runway was . The plane then slipped off the radar scope in sight. The plane’s wings, engine, tail and landing gears became detached during the crash and landed atop a 6,000 foot peak and main body of the plane went 500 feet lower. The cause of the crash is currently unknown, as the weather was good and the crash site was not along the plane’s planned route or on the correct approaching pattern. Turkish CAA Accident Investigation.